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Easily test search engine rankings with the wpSEO A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress.
Unlike normal A/B testing, which many are familiar with from conversion rate optimization (CRO), for SEO A/B testing you can’t just create two versions of a page and split visitors into two groups, each seeing one version. There is only the Googlebot, and it is not a big friend of duplicate content. So it’s not a good idea to create two versions of a page and just see which one ranks better. Until now.

How does wpSEO A/B Testing work?

SEO A/B testing involves testing two versions of a website on a unique URL using different optimization strategies to determine which version performs better in search engine rankings. The goal of the tests is toimprove organic traffic, conversions and salesby identifying and implementing the best optimization strategies.
This means that instead of creating groups of users as in normal A/B or M/V testing (for example, in Google Optimize or Optimizely), groups of pages must be created that function under the same URL. This approach is safe – because there is only one version of each page – and this version is shown to both normal users and Googlebot. Thus, a direct comparison of the page performance is possible, because the changes made are isolated.

wpSEO A/B Testing Plugin Download


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incl. 19% VAT

The wpSEO A/B Testing plugin from Searchware enables you to quickly and easily implement meaningful SEO A/B tests on your WordPress pages without any technical knowledge or programming effort.

  1. Set test objectives
  2. Clone original page
  3. Implement desired changes
  4. Create test and set runtime in A/B Testing plugin
  5. Define keywords which should be monitored
  6. Let’s go

The plugin is available as a free and premium version. In the free version, you can create a maximum of one test and must track ranking changes independently. The paid version offers the possibility to test several pages , shows all ranking keywords of the URL and observes the ranking changes by week. Optionally, Google Search Console (GSC) data can also be imported automatically.

Good reasons for SEO A/B Testing

Decisions based on sound data

Implementing SEO changes that should positively affect the ranking of a website always carries a risk. With wpSEO A/B Testing only for specific pages, changes and their impact on rankings can be tested in advance . Data-based decisions are usually the best.

Safety from duplicate content

With Searchware’s wpSEO A/B Testing plugin you are 100% safe from “duplicate content” or other redirection problems. The plugin ensures that only one of the two variants can be found under the same URL for the search engine bots.

Easy to use

The tool is intuitive to use and makes no technical demands on the user. Anyone who knows how to use WordPress will have no problems with the A/B Testing plugin. Extensive statistics, graphs and tables of the premium version can be easily exported and used for presentations or similar without much effort.

Competitive advantage

A/B testing can help you gain a competitive advantage by helping you figure out what works and what doesn’t in terms of SEO. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changes in search engine algorithms.

Increase conversion rates

With wpSEO A/B Testing, you can test different variations of your content and determine which ones are most likely to appeal to search engines and users. . This can lead to higher conversion rates, which can translate into higher revenue for your business.

Low cost

wpSEO A/B Testing is a cost-effective way to improve your search engine rankings. By testing different strategies and tactics, you can find out what works best without investing a lot of time and money in ineffective approaches or using expensive enterprise solutions.

wpSEO A/B Testing - Premium-Plugin features

  1. Weekly ranking updates of all monitored keywords
  2. Overview of keywords gained and lost during the test period
  3. A/B tests can be started with individual keywords or with all current rankings
  4. Enrichment of test results with data from Google Search Console
  5. Display of Google updates in the statistics
  6. Definition of a “control page” to be able to put extraordinary ranking events in relation to each other
  7. Unlimited number of SEO A/B tests (may require extra credits)
  8. Meaningful graphs, charts and tables for reporting

When is SEO split testing something for me?

The current SEO testing process is too complex or too time-consuming (or no testing at all).

The ROI for each SEO project request is “estimated” and cannot be substantiated with data yet.

There is a lack of skills to set up and evaluate SEO tests manually.

There are no accesses or subscriptions for the necessary rank tracking tools.

The SEO budget is too small to pay for professional A/B split tests from it

Extend the competitive advantage over the competition and try new things

Convinced? Buy the wpSEO A/B Testing plugin now and get started immediately!

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